News and Updates

LBL Trading has begun to successfully market the new e-tile electronic price signs manufactured by PWM.
The unique feature of this revolutionary product is that it consists of electronic tiles that can replace directly the manual price tiles which are in wide use today, so that the installation and implementation of these electronic price signs is remarkably simple.
The e-tiles which are manufactured using SMDLed components do not require any protection from dust or rain, and can be installed externally on the surface of the totem pole.
PWM price signs can be connected to central control systems for remote control and price changing..
Dozens of such signs have already been sold to Israeli customers attractively displaying the fuel prices, improving the visibility of the totem poles, and providing flexibility to site owners who can change prices in the entire station with the push of a  button.

LBL Trading has successfully begun marketing in Israel the new State of the Art Wayne Helix fuel dispensers.
The Helix series dispensers are distinguished by a sleek modern design, unparalleled robust construction, and most advanced features.
The new dispensers are receiving warm welcome from satisfied site operators and motorists alike

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