Protection of the Environment

Add Content...L.B.L. Trading Ltd is extensively active in the field of supplying equipment for the protection of the environment and offers many products for pollution prevention of air and water resources.

The company specializes in the supply of products preventing pollution of water resources from petroleum spills.
• Leak detection and prevention devices for underground piping and tanks.
• Non corroding Fiberglass piping and sumps for prevention of leaks.
• Double wall underground piping.
• Monitoring equipment for double wall piping and tanks
• Oil/water separators
• Alarm devices for Oil/Water separators.
• Membranes for secondary containment of tanks and fuel systems

Products for prevention of air pollution include.
• A complete range of products for collection, transport and release prevention of gasoline vapors throughout the distribution chain. From fueling of the car in the service station, up to actual recovery of gasoline from these vapors at the fuel terminal.
• A complete range of products for prevention of gasoline vapor release from above ground storage tanks in fuel depots. Floating covers and seals, Gauge pole and Leg covers, Geodesic domes, and monitoring equipment.

The company is also involved in the field of alternative fuels and offers equipment for fueling with alternative fuels such as LPG, equipment for handling Bio Diesel and more…
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